The Bodysurfers.

DREWE, Robert.


Publisher: James Fraser
Place Published: Sydney,
Description: An octavo-size paperback original. Fine in an added clear archival jacket for this copy.
Date Published: 1983.

Wonderful wrap-around illustrated wrappers, reproducing Charles Meere’s famous oil painting “Australian Beach Pattern, 1940”. An important collection of Australian stories, and the true first edition (first printing) is a little difficult to identify. The publisher James Fraser did 5 or 6 printings before he handed the rights to PanMacmillan who continued using much the same format. Fraser’s reprints can be identified by a note half-way down the copyright page in small letters stating “4th edition” etc.(the first printing must have no other printings mentioned), and the back wrapper price quickly changed from $6.95 to $7.95, for reprints. Postage within Australia for this small/light book is set at $5, so please disregard any site default rate, which will be adjusted downwards BEFORE the order is processed by the bookseller.

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