The Debt to Pleasure.



Publisher: Macmillan
Place Published: London,
Description: Hardcover. Very fine in like dustjacket.
Date Published: 1996.

London-based restaurant critic and editor’s wonderful first book, a very handsome production. The first British printing was apparently 10,000 copies, split into two different editions or imprints (not just issues) with different ISBNs, different copyright pages and colophons at the foot of the jacket spine, but otherwise identical in binding.The Macmillan (Export) imprint (with no price on the jacket flap) was perhaps a third of the print run, and was sent out to Australia, New Zealand, and possibly South Africa (but not Canada, where McClelland & Stewart were the publisher), while the remainder of the run, under the Picador imprint was reserved for the UK. This latter imprint may be the preferred first (‘following the flag’), but it is likely the scarcer Macmillan imprint is the ‘true’ first because it appeared in overseas bookshops earlier than Picador edition reached the UK shops.

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